3 Things to Consider When Using Postcard Marketing

Postcard MarketingMany marketers consider postcard marketing their secret weapon to capture their audience’s attention. They’re versatile, come in a variety of standard sizes and your message is automatically in front of your recipient. Getting it read and turned over is almost guaranteed, it’s natural to wonder what’s on the other side. Now we’re not saying that every marketing piece has to become a postcard, your message may require a different approach. But if a postcard works for your business, consider the following points when using postcards in your marketing mix:

  1. What’s the point? Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the campaign. Businesses large and small use postcards to:
    • Generate sales leads.
    • Promote special offers or coupons.
    • Introduce a new product, service, new location or grand opening.
    • Keep in touch with existing customers. Clients really like receiving personalized cards for birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming appointments, special events, etc.
    • Drive traffic to a website or online store.
    • Complement social media marketing and increase engagement with sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
    • Test new marketing messages, offers and products to measure what gets the best response.

    Decide on what you want to accomplish and focus on making that point.

  2. Where’s it going? In other words, if you’re marketing to your existing client base, who are they or who is the ideal client you’re seeking? This is important as it will help you determine the design style that best gets their attention as well as what marketing copy is appropriate. Useful things to know are gender, age range, are they consumers or businesses. For example, are they moms, teenagers, golfers, baby boomers, senior citizens or other businesses?Postcards also allow you the versatility to customize or tweak each campaign message to see what gets better results with your target audience.
  3. Do you make your point? Once you have decided what you want to accomplish with the postcard and who it’s going to, it needs to be designed and the marketing copy written. We recommend you hire a professional company like Pomegranate Press to do this. The graphic design and text need to work together and effectively invoke the desired action from the receiver. Is it a photo that’s going to do it; is it a powerful headline or the perfect combination of the two? A single color, text based postcard can be just as effective as a colorful, image based one. The question is; what will get the desired reaction from your target audience? A few tips to consider are:

    • Keep it simple. Use clean, concise and convincing copy and remember to focus on your point and connect with your audience. Don’t have more than one message.
    • Use your postcard real estate wisely. You have two sides to make your point, make each side count.
    • Have a clear call to action. Let them know what they should do next.
    • Make compelling offers. Why should they come to your shop, attend your event, call for a consultation, register on your website, follow you on Twitter? Incite a positive action.

As an experienced and professional graphic design, print and web studio we can help you craft your message and make the most of the postcard real estate with an effective design. If you are mailing your postcards, you can send out small self-managed mailings that you can do yourself or Pomegranate Press can produce and mail hundreds or thousands at one time. We manage everything for you, including mailing list services, bulk mail delivery, full service printing and professional graphic design.

Contact us today with any questions or discuss how you can incorporate postcard campaigns into your marketing mix. When you succeed, we succeed!